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Pest and Weed Control

 Weed Control 

Proper cultivation to control the spread of noxious weeds is encouraged throughout the municipality. If noxious weeds are spreading due to neglect on any land, council may take action against the landowner under provisions of the Noxious weeds Act. For information on other invasive plant species.

The municipality has been participating in the Invasive Plant Control Program for noxious weeds; we also have two back-pack sprayers if ratepayers would like to use them for spraying. Please contact Weed inspector Dennis Brown at 306-873-0798.

The Ministry of Agriculture is providing funding for Plant Health Officers that were hired by SARM; one for each SARM Division. Our Plant Health Officer is Lynn Roszell; her contact info is 306-852-8328.



 Organic Farming 

All farmers engaged in organic farming practices must advise the municipal office accordingly. Organic farming regulations may require that buffers be maintained around the organic lands and, in such cases, the adjacent road allowance shall not constitute the buffer.


 Pest Control 

The municipality engages the services of a pest control officer to conduct farm site inspections. The municipality distributes various kinds of bait to the ratepayers of the municipality, at no charge, with the following conditions:

  • Bait must be used only on properties owned or leased by person obtaining bait;

  • Landowners must sign and acknowledgement for the amount of bait received

Mice- Hantavirus Risks & Preventions


 Feral Wild Boar

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