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Assessment of all property is undertaken by the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency.  

Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is contracted to determine the fair value of all property within the municipality. All assessments are determined according to a base date and a reassessment is completed on all property every four (4) years. The 2017 year was a reassessment year using a base year of 2015. The four year cycle is determined by provincial government regulations and the next reassessment year is 2021.


Property Class                                                Taxable Assessment is based on % of Fair Value

Residential                                                                  80 %

Multiunit Residential                                               80 %

Seasonal Residential                                             80 %

Agricultural Land                                                     55 %

Non-Arable Agriculture (Pasture) Land          45 %

Commercial/Industrial                                           85 %


You can check your assessed values online by clicking here.



(SAMA)                         (Province)                                 (Local Government)               (Tax Payer)

Assessed Value           X Percentage of Value                        X Mill Rate                               = Property

                                            Education Mill Rate                                                                                       Taxes

                                            & Exemptions

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