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Fire / Policing


The RM of Barrier Valley has an agreement with the Village of Archerwill forming Fire Protection Services.  The Archerwill Fire Department responds to fire calls in our municipality.   When the Fire Department responds to a fire, all costs are associated with their response and charged to the land owner. 


 Fire Fighting Insurance 

The RM would like to remind everyone to make sure that they have the appropriate Fire Fighting insurance.  Contact your local insurance broker for more information.


 Controlled Burns 

We would like to remind everyone that when you are undertaking any controlled burning on your property that you contact the call centre 1–866–404–4911. This will ensure the proper channels are notified.


Check out how you can protect our forests from wildfires by reading the powerpoint below: 


The Greenwater Detachment & Tisdale Detachment of the RCMP provides the services and resources needed for the RM of Barrier Valley as well as surrounding areas and strive to maintain a safe community. If you suspect any criminal activity occurring in the RM please contact the RCMP.

Greenwater Detachment : (306) 322 2550

Tisdale Detachment : (306) 878 3810

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