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Roads & Road Agreements

 Dust Control 

Dust control in the form of calcium chloride will be applied on the municipal roadway adjacent to a residence, upon written request from the landowner.  This is at a cost of $35.00/bag applied. Ratepayers can buy the calcium chloride at cost and apply it themselves. 

*The R.M. would like to point out that dust control is only an aid and not a solution to dust problems. It depends on many things but weather, road conditions, and traffic volume on the roads, are the main factors in how effectively the dust control works.*


 Haul Agreements 

All haulers, hauling goods or commodities over any road in the municipality on a continuous basis, needs to enter into a haul agreement with the RM. The municipality designates which roads are utilized for the continuous haul, and haul road fees are submitted to the municipality when the haul is completed or prior to December 31, in each year. The haul fees are established in accordance with provisions of the Road Maintenance and Restoration Agreement Regulations, 1995, and are set annually at the first meeting of council.


 Custom Work 

All requests for custom work must be made to the RM Administration office, and the work will be undertaken when patrols are in the area.

Grader Rate – Ratepayer - $125/hour; minimum charge $35.00

Tractor/mower – Ratepayer - $125.00/hour

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