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On August 10, council and 18 others gathered in the lobby to celebrate the official Grand Opening of the new Rural Municipality office. Together, our guests and council exchanged conversation over coffee and dainties.

We were joined by Hugh Nerlien, the MLA of Kelvington, and Wayne Black, our reeve, who both shared a few words before the ribbon was cut.

A huge "Thank You" is being sent out to everyone who took part in our Grand Opening. Without you, this day would not have been near as special!

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Our Administrator is going on medical leave so the RM office will not be open 5 days a week this takes effect Dec 14th. Our relief staff will only be in 2 days a week. Please watch for further update


The RM office will be closed Sept 18 - 26, 2023. If you need to make a payment they can be mailed, or paid online (through CU, CIBC, BoM and etrsf). If it is an emergency please contact your councill

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