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Run for Municipal Council – Make a Difference in Rural Saskatchewan

For Release May 29, 2024


Run for Municipal Council – Make a Difference in Rural Saskatchewan


The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM), alongside their member RMs, want to encourage all rural residents to consider running for municipal council. Many RMs are experiencing vacancies on councils, and this presents an opportunity for individuals to get involved with the issues that directly affect daily life for the people in rural Saskatchewan.


“If you live in rural Saskatchewan, chances are you’ve met or chatted with a local member of council. That’s probably because you also know them as the cattle rancher that lives down the road, or the teacher who taught you in high school, or as one of the hockey moms you see at the arena on Saturday mornings,” says Ray Orb, SARM President. “Our rural communities need diverse voices, and we are committed to providing information, training, and resources to support more people getting involved in municipal councils."


Most of the hesitations people have about running for council have to do with outdated stereotypes and flat-out myths, such as not being an expert on municipal government, not having political experience, being more of a listener than a talker, or about the amount of time it takes to get involved.


To help dispel these stereotypes and myths, SARM has created the following video: SARM Video


To answer more questions about running for council, including how and when to file nominations, head to the Government of Saskatchewan’s website and search for “Running for Municipal Council.”


“Once you’re elected to council, SARM will always be there to help you with your duties,” explains Orb. “We have resources such as training programs, webinars, and mentor groups—to name just a few. So, remember: Your wins are our wins, and together we’ll make rural Saskatchewan stronger.”


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For interview requests please contact:


Amy Roettger, Communications & Events Coordinator, SARM

05-29-24 SARM NR - Run for Municipal Council
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