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Tarping Loads Is Mandatory Effective June 1st

Tarping Loads Mandatory Effective June 1 to Improve Safety

The Ministry of Highways is updating its critical transportation stakeholders in the trucking sector about their roles related to an important change coming this spring to improve safety.

The Security of Loads Regulations in Saskatchewan were updated to better align with the National Safety Code Standard 10 for cargo securement and to enhance clarity for police and industry. The update is also intended to help reduce potential hazards for motorists, such as broken windshields due to bulk cargo not being properly secured.

Effective June 1, bulk loads not fully contained will require covering by a tarp or other appropriate material (such as canvas, wire mesh, netting) to prevent materials becoming dislodged from the vehicle or load container during transport.

This update doesn’t apply to collecting refuse while the vehicle is being loaded or being moved during loading; for construction work within the limits of a project on a public road; and for snow removal or winter maintenance on a public road by designated authorities. To see the specific regulations with more details, visit Saskatchewan’s Publication Centre.

Truckers are also reminded to visit for information about provincial trucking programs, weight classifications and restrictions.

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